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Hestía Vera,

your home!



Not just a rental


This is not a business nor an agency nor anything similar.


It is about a project in Vera (Almería - Andalucía - Spain), full of eagerness and our best effort to bring together a home with sea, sun, exquisite decoration, comfort, quality and your desire to enjoy all of this.



This is how Hestía Vera is born.



In the Greek mythology Hestía (Ἑστία) is the goddess of home, that is of the fireplace that worms and gives life to our homes. She is a pacific goddess and that is exactly what we wish for your stay, rest and relaxation.


About Hestía Vera

A furnished apartment in Vera (Almería - Andalucía - Spain) for six people with fully equipped kitchen, pool, garage, two bathrooms, a large terrace with sea views and much more.


Hestía Vera is not luxury. It is not an apartment in the old way either. Rather, it is a high-quality accommodation for you to feel at home away from home, with our deepest care, effort and dedication. We wish you the vacations you deserve without caring about anything, in a warm environment, well decorated and comfortable. This is exactly what we would like to find every time we travel.



Hestía Vera

wishes you

to feel


away from


He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.


(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

About us

A Classical philologist and a computer engineer have created, with great eagerness, a new concept of holiday accommodation.



We are Fran and Alex. It is a pleasure for us having you in Hestía Vera. This is not a business nor an agency nor anything similar. It is just a dream that come true.

We both decided to start this new adventure, consisting of creating a new concept of holidays accommodation, transforming our apartment in Hestía Vera, your home – Not just a rental.



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