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Hestía Vera, Fran and Alex

A Classical philologist and a computer engineer have created, with great eagerness, a new concept of holiday accommodation.


We like traveling and enjoying the high quality tourism. We are keen on the computer science and the Internet, the interior decoration and the Classic languages and culture, among many other hobbies.


We both decided to start this new adventure, consisting of creating a new concept of holidays accommodation, transforming our apartment in Hestía Vera, your home – Not just a rental.


Our idea is to offer a balance between the price and the quality of the accommodation, with no surprises. We are not interested in luxury, however it does not imply that your home cannot be high quality, comfortable and beautiful.


The idea is to amplify Hestía Vera to other places, combining all those elements with our deepest enthusiasm and our best effort. For the moment, this idea will have to wait.


Hestía is the brand of our exciting project. We would like to keep growing and adding new homes, for travellers like you to enjoy them.


You can be a part of Hestía Vera

Feel free to contact us, in case you want to help us improve.


hestía en facebook
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